Storytellers V3

with Heidi Swapp

Storytellers V3

with Heidi Swapp

About this class

Take a minute and think back to your most favorite memories…could be a vacation, a special celebration, a gathering with your favorite people, or even a season of good times that all string together into wonderful, meaningful moments. Of course, we treasure those good times with the people we love most… however, if we don’t take the time to capture the stories, and document the details, over time they are forgotten little by little. Even when something momentous happens, and we think we can never forget… the intricate memories fade. 
This is where “STORYTELLERS” come to the rescue!  These simple books, become priceless keepsakes as we fill them with photos, names, dates, places, and a little piece of our soul. 

Welcome to Storytellers Vol.3: “Fresh Air”. In this class, you will see me using my newest “Fresh Air” collection along with my favorite stamps and basic supplies to create an entire book full of unique layered layouts, easily executed designs, and interactive page elements PERFECT for maximizing photos and capturing the details of every story. The book will invite you in, and take you back in time as you experience the story, again and again, every time you revisit its pages.

I will be working in my “Storyteller” book. You can replicate my exact designs by purchasing items from the Fresh Air collection - or simply use any supplies (paper, embellishments, stamps) that you have on hand! However, you will need the tools listed in the Supply list.



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Heidi Swapp

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classroom lessons
13 lessons

Learn to get your photos out of your camera roll and into our Storyteller booklets. Heidi will share many techniques from printing photos to exploring fun layouts and so much more!

classroom length
1 Hour 30 Minutes

It will take you about an hour and a half to watch the videos, then plan on spending however long you wish on adding photos and embellishing as you tell your story!

classroom pacing

Go at your own pace! All lessons will be available at once, so you can work through the class content on a schedule that works for you.

Class Lessons

01: Cover Art

Create a unique cover for your Storytellers book!

02: Front Window

Crreate a fun, double-pane window as the first pages of the book!

03: Title With A Twist

Use stamps and different colored inks to create a fun title page!

04: Slip & Slide

Add a fun, sliding peek-a-boo element to your book!

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