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Save 20% off Red, White, Blue Color Collective Collection

Intro to Stop The Blur

with Heidi Swapp

Intro to Stop The Blur

with Heidi Swapp

About this class

Memory Planners are my very favorite way to make sure that I remember what happened in my life, and the life of my family! I have to confess, I think the reason I am so passionate about memory keeping is that I have the WORST memory! Sometimes I can’t even remember what I did yesterday! The truth is that our lives are moving faster than ever before, and our brains can easily become overloaded. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have the memories stored, we do!  It just means that it’s trickier to access our memories, making it possible to forget. That’s where the “Memory Planner” comes in! This calendar-based, photo + journaling hybrid is almost like the cliff notes of your daily life! As you record little details and snippets of your days, they become the doorways to your memories and the stories of your everyday!

In this free class, I cover the basics of Memory Planning and give you the tips you need to get started. Join me for my monthly subscription class, Stop the Blur, to get monthly inspiration, "try this" ideas and a peek into my own Memory Planning process!

Use #STOPTHEBLUR and tag me (@heidiswapp) in your posts on Instagram. I'd love to see how your memory planner is turning out.

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Heidi Swapp

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3 lessons

Learn all of the ins and outs of memory planning. Heidi Shares all of the practical information you will need to succeed in capturing your weekly memories.

1 Hour

It will take you about 25 minutes to watch these videos.


Go at your own pace! All lessons will be available at once, so you can work through the class content on a schedule that works for you.

What Comes With This Class?

In this FREE CLASS: 

1.  I will be teaching you exactly what a Memory Planner is, and why it’s such a powerful, creative way to capture and tell your stories quickly and easily! 

2. I will be sharing a simple way (and including a free printable) to keep track of YOUR daily details so they can easily be added into your Memory Planner in a creative way!

3. I’ll show you 3 different ways you can print small planner-sized photos that can be added to your Memory Planner pages!  

4. I’ll give you the rundown on my Heidi Swapp planners, so you can decide which memory planner is best for you! Of course, you don’t have to use a “Heidi” planner, the ideas I will be sharing can be used in ANY planner you love! 

5. I will also be giving you my list of MUST HAVE’s: tools and supplies that I always reach for and use over and over in my Memory Planning process!

Who is this Class For?

This class is the PERFECT PLACE to get inspired and get started! It’s full of practical information about WHY keeping a memory planner is both a creative outlet and treasury of your stories! Our lives are the sum total of the little details of each day! It’s those little details, small moments, and mini-miracles that will be your most treasured memories. Let’s not forget them! START here! Start NOW!

Class Lessons

01: Printing Photos

Learn 3 easy ways to print your photos.

02: Daily Lists

How to record daily details. Free printable included!

03: Memory Planner Options

See all of the different Planner options.

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