Box Of Tricks

with Heidi Swapp

Box Of Tricks

with Heidi Swapp

About this class

There is just nothing better than a box full of happiness, and that’s exactly what we will be creating in this class! We will be starting with this specialty magnetized, beautifully constructed white paper box, and the chipboard pieces included inside to create 5 super fresh cards, AND a  17-page 4”x6” handcrafted mini-book, complete with super-secret interactive elements, fun surprises and unique techniques that you can replicate and repeat over and over on cards and mini-books any size and any shape!  YES, we will be filling that little book up with memories… and exploring FUN, simple ways to add charm and meaning through stamping and embellishments! Won’t you join me as I open up my “Box of Tricks”!?  Take a breath of my newest “FRESH AIR” collection, and let’s make pretty stuff together!


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Heidi Swapp

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classroom lessons
15 lessons

Learn how to make 5 super fresh cards and a 17 page mini book all wrapped up in a fun magnetic box.

classroom length
1 Hour 30 Minutes

It will take you some time to watch all of the lesson videos, and then have fun adding your embellishments and memories

classroom pacing

Go at your own pace! All lessons will be available at once, so you can work through the class content on a schedule that works for you.

Class Lessons

01: Glitter Window

Add a fun window with glitter inside to this card!

02: Thankful Overlay

Create an interactive card with a clear overlay!

03: Hidden Message

Add a hidden message with this fun, secret compartment!

04: Trap Door

Add a fun trap door that opens to reveal extra photos or journaling!

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